3.23.17. Early morning haulout.

It was an early morning, before school, haulout. Uneventful until they tried to drive the lift onto the road and realized there wasn’t enough clearance. The port had a problem with the lift we usually use so we were in one just a bit smaller. What to do? The borrowed cordless sawzall saved the day. Unfortunately Joe had to cut down the aluminum rails on the top of the bait shed. By the time Ocean had a just baked, oven hot, blueberry muffin from the cafe Caribou was back on the road.

3.6.17. Taking care of Caribou.

Can you see the snowflakes? I have been working hard to get as much spring painting done before we haul out. I was all set, deck clean, edges taped, sun shining…. Well the sun wasn’t shining anymore and that big black cloud was spitting rain. By the time I had considered my options it was snowing. Beautiful but not paint friendly. On to plan B.