4.17.17.  A Windy Day. 

Well it wasn’t funny for Ocean but it ended OK. We were hauled out over spring break, which could be a little boring for a kid. Of course Ocean made the best of it. He rode his bike around the port to visit people, he rode to the food co-op to get himself some lunch or for something we “needed”. One day he rode as far as the library. His bike was his independence. Today he rode to the boat from school and parked his bike on the dock. It was another WINDY day. When we looked out the bike was gone. Ocean was UPSET. Evidently Joe had been through this before because he knew just where the bike was. He fished for it with the grapple hook, Ocean rinsed it off, they oiled it up and Ocean is back on the road.

4.14.17. Back in the water.

This moment never looks as good as it feels. It feels like old paint scraped off and fresh paint rolled on. It feels like being measured and fitted and dressed up for a few pieces of new wood. It feels like seeing a part of the boat for a few weeks that we take for granted the rest of the year. It feels like the beginning of another fishing season.

4.13.17. Thursday night.

It is Thursday night, Joe is polishing the prop and will put on the hub zinc. These are the final steps before we go in the water. Fishermen have been going though this same spring ritual with Caribou for 65 years. It feels like 3 weeks of windy, rainy, boat work is forever but it is a little blip in the life of the boat and so important.

4.4.17. Minor Repairs.

The are lots of areas on this 65 year old boat that need a little extra attention. A shipwright took the old caulking out of this topsides seam and put new cotton in. He left me with instructions to fix the broken plank end. “Make a dam with a yellow plastic spatula and block it in with wedges. Once the filler is dry sand it out and after it is painted it might look kind of like a plank.” As they say it is a long way from the heart.

4.1.17 Bow Iron

It is the end of the day. No wind or rain so we try and paint one more thing before heading home. There is a 20 foot forged piece of iron that runs the length of the stem. Like everything else it’s gets a couple coats of paint every year.