8.31.17 Security Bay 

      It was stormy in Chatham this morning. I heard the wind blowing and gusting all night. In the morning I heard Joe get up. Heard him haul the anchor, and drive out into Chatham. I felt us driving into the weather for few minutes, checking to see if it was fishable, then felt the boat turn around and head back to the anchorage. Once it was calm and quiet again I got up and Joe was already sound asleep, snoring in his bunk. The name of the bay we are anchored in is Security, perfect. 

     A few hours later we took our fish over to the tender. Every 3-4 days we carefully unpack the fish we have caught, cleaned, and packed in ice. Norman and his crew repack them in ice and take them to town. We get more ice, fresh water for our drinking water tank and a check. As we leave they give us each ice cream!  I would say the ice cream is the best part but that isn’t really true.  It is always motivating to get a check and it is nice to see a few friendly faces. Ocean gets off the boat for a few minutes, even if it is just to another boat!  

     August has been pretty mixed up for us, lots going on for us and not all of it was fishing. Fishing takes 24-7 energy and focus. The Caribou crew is pretty glad to see September roll around.