5.31.17 Our summer home.

Today we are traveling from Auke Bay to downtown Juneau. Towels are drying, the barbecue is out and long line gear is piled all over the deck. All signs of being between fisheries.

A few weeks ago my father-in-law asked me if I was looking forwards to the summer or if it just seemed like work and less of an adventure. We talked about how knowing what to expect makes it more efficient but also how every year it is another year older harder. I feel a few more body creaks. I can stay up a little less late than the summer before. There are things we do to compensate. We add onto our minimum sleep time. We don’t hesitate to leave dirty dishes for the morning. And yes, the excitement from the newness isn’t there to get us through the boring times. But the routine is so comfortingly familiar. We leave our winter home just when the days are getting warm. Ocean and I get on a jet and fly north to catch up with Joe. We notice the latitude, the days are a little longer but the grass hasn’t reached its as-fast-as-it-can growing yet. We get to see the spring flowers blooming for a second time. We put our cashmere sweaters back on. Our life routine is refreshingly different than it is down south. We follow the salmon and the northern lights. We are in our summer home.