6.5.17 Cruiseship Caribou leaving Juneau.

We spent a few days being tourists in Juneau.
We went to the newly remodeled museum. Notable: it is shiny!! And not quite as cozy.
We took Joe to the library, he hadn’t been there before. Notable: luckily we had a kid with us and could go in the kids section because every chair was filled with wi-fi users just like us.
Saw a movie at the independent local theatre. Notable: good popcorn and bulk candy choices by the cup.
Joe and Ocean went to a party with a friend. Notable: Ocean played Alaskan party games like axe throwing and hammering nails into a stump faster than the other guy.
We did our provisioning. Notable: Costco really rolls out the red carpet in the free taster department on Saturday!
Last chance shopping for the freshest looking veggies. Notable: Delish americano at Coppa and yummy scone for Ocean.
Walked all around town with the cruiseship tourists. Notable: Juneau has some special places. Sometimes they are hard to appreciate but they have grown on me over the years.