6.16.17 Opening Highlights

We fished our first opening on Thursday and Friday. I’ll just get it over with, the fishing wasn’t a highlight for us. It was slow. The weather was the other low light. Wind and rough tidal chop drove us to anchor early the first day. Spring rain showers all day Friday. Joe reminded me that Little Port Walter, where we had anchored for the night, often records the most rainfall in North America

So the highlights. Just getting started is exciting. We got gear in the water and looked for fish. Day 2 was calm enough for us to enjoy life on board. I was able to really appreciate every fish I cleaned. The first one had a baby rockfish in its belly. The second one was definitely a hatchery fish with a clipped adipose fin. The Sixth was long and skinny. At number six we were feeling a little nervous then bing, bang, boom. We were up to nine. When you are trolling it is the little things that you really notice.

By the afternoon Ocean had dug into the “to do on a calm day” duffle. Out came the bead weaving kit from the Juneau Salvation Army. He spent the whole afternoon figuring out the complicated instructions and what was left of the hand me down kit. He started and finished a bracelet with his own beaded pattern of a sunset.