6.28.17 Leaving town.

There’s only one way to leave town. Fill the boat up with ice. Untie the lines. Idle out of the harbor and stow the fenders because we won’t be needing them for awhile. Put down the poles. Say goodbye to friends via text because it isn’t really goodbye but rather, “good luck to you and see you in a week.” Then it is finally time to decide, left or right and how far to go tonight.

We are all a little nervous. There are plenty of things to worry about. Where to fish? how to manage the upcoming weather? did we bring enough ice? did we bring enough food? what’s a young kid going to do? how’s an old dog going to do? how am I going to do? We are starting out on an important opening for king salmon and there are a lot of variables.

Now we are anchored in the lee of an island having a quick dinner and stowing the last minute things from Sitka before we go out on the ocean. Dinner of gourmet tuna loin, ore-ida onion rings and quick cooking white rice. Kind of weird but it was what we could get our hands on easily. And to be honest I’m not really tasting anything. Then it was a rush off to bed for me, rush to get a little sleep. Joe will get the boat going and run for a few hours. Then he will get me up (probably with a delicious hot cup of coffee) for the night watch. Summer fishing has started. Sleep will be scarce and the food will be weird but the 3 of us will keep this boat together and hopefully, gracefully, catch some fish.