We started this trip with sea lions in the morning and orcas in the afternoon. Sea Lions are hard to fish around, they pluck the fish off our lines and are very destructive to the gear. Orcas are lovely to fish around, we don’t see them very often so it is a real treat. 

We trolled to the fishing area that had been our destination but rather than anchor and try our luck in the morning plans changed and we charged off in the sunset. Really. It was one of the few sunsets that we have seen this summer. It was gorgeous and Ocean and I watched for the green flash as it set over the Pacific. We ran for a couple hours then Joe turned off the engine right where we were. A flat calm night is a good excuse to drift instead of anchor, get far enough offshore to not drift onto it but close enough to stay out of the cruise ship lane. We woke up to see a little sun on the glacier. There we were fishing below an enormous glacier carving its way to the beach. We found a spot to fish a whole 4 days. Making a full trip. Much better than last short trip and always easier when you are on the fish.