7.4.17 Kings

July 1: After all the excitement and anticipation the first day was a bit of a mediocre let down. It was so slow in the afternoon I had time to finish the book I was reading. 

July 2: The standout for us. We didn’t expect much after the first days dismal performance but for lack of a better idea had decided to stick and stay.  By 10 am we had what we had the day before.   By the end of the day we doubled it. Monkey got his sea legs. He started eating and drinking again. That was a relief. At noon the 3 day fog and drizzle blanket finally broke and at sunset we saw a little pinky orange sky.  

July 3: On the third day we learned it would close at midnight on the fourth day. So to make the most of it we fished a “morning” spot, then stacked it and ran to an “evening” spot. It worked out ok but we almost missed the “sleeping” spot. 

July 4: We still had a decent scratch right where we were. At dusk Joe decided he could finally pull the gear in and let his favorite fishery be over until the second one in August. We anchored, slept in and sold our fish to our favorite tender. By dinner we were tied to the dock in PA and Ocean was roasting hot dogs with his cousins. Short and sweet would be a good way to sum up the opening.