7.10.17 Trolling reality.

Last night I went to bed exhausted. I woke up with the Advil bottle right next to my pillow. We were tied to the fuel dock in Sitka waiting for morning fuel. Luckily fuel dock first thing is late compared to troller first thing so in addition to a free tie up we got to sleep in. We fished cohos for 3 days then decided it was time for an area change. But we were also exhausted, more worn out than we should have been after the first 3 days of relatively easy fishing. Exhaustion is a trolling reality that we need to adjust to again. Finding the fine line between just enough sleep and non-stop fishing. The line between days fished and days off. Enough days fishing to make money but enough days off to keep on fishing. I ran into a first year fisherman in the hall today and we had a discussion about finding your own pace. Then he told me about his elbow aches. I probably should have told him how I had to ice my hands after the first day and sleep with an Advil bottle but it isnt big news, just a troller reality. Tonight I am being gently rocked to sleep in a beautiful anchorage near a new fishing grounds counting the fish we haven’t caught yet. Tomorrow we will find out if it is still the big smash or maybe it is yesterday’s big smash. All I need is for us to find our troller pace and have a healthy, safe and fishy 5 day trip.